Uniform Problems

When nurses wore uniforms like this, they never drew the attention of even a single android, none, nada, zip. It was a simpler time, free from modern complications, but like everything else things changed.

The uniforms started to get smaller, even though the selection and types of fabric continued to increase, the trend was inexplicable.

Yes, the mysterious shrinking uniform trend just kept going unabated, and the androids paid closer and closer attention to uniforms and never gave a thought to electric sheep, not a single thought.

If something isn't done to stop this trend, it is quite possible that the uniforms will disappear all together, and the androids won't get anything done, let alone dream of electric sheep.


Dalton J. Fox said...

I can always count on seeing some nudity over here. Thanks, Moonbarker!

Moonbarker said...

Well somebody has to do it.