Today we are going to talk about blondes.

There is no particular reason.

Other than the fact that they have fair hair.

And having fair hair can be a good thing.

Or perhaps I'm misguided on that.

The Androids like blondes too.



There comes a point when breasts cross the line and become pure funbags

They become beyond real, and enter the realm of pure enjoyment

And they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

It is important to keep your funbags clean

The androids prefer the simple approach


Today's post is about lingerie, of all colors and styles.

Like stockings with garters.

I happen to like black lingerie.

I also like lingerie that doesn't match.

The androids prefer the simple look.


All righty then

You may have noticed a lack of posting here lately, due to the fact that my employer handed out new computers to all the employees on Monday. The new computers have a built in web filter which only allows us to access sites that are work related, oh, and I can get to CNN, so posting here will be somewhat erratic and random.



Today's post is about guitars.

Guitars in various shapes and colors.

Both electric and acoustic.

Even toy guitars count.



Today we are going to point out some of the do's and don'ts of proper hygiene.

You should not bathe with your clothes on, it makes it more difficult to get your skin clean.

Hot water and soap are highly recommended.

Those handheld shower wands almost always make rinsing the soap off easier.

Whatever works as long as you get clean.



I thought today I would post some pics of the great outdoors for your viewing pleasure. Here is a nice shot of the mountains.

And this is a nice picture of the woods.

Out by the palm trees.

Out by the pond.

Or even just in the backyard.



There is something quite fetching about a lady in a corset.

Something that the androids can't be dragged away from.

It makes no difference what color they are or what they are made of.

They are just simply fetching.

The androids are definitely fans of the corset.


Busy Friday

As usual, Friday is a busy day, so I found a picture of a farm for your enjoyment.


Have you ever noticed how much different things look when they are wet?

It's not an oily look, but a look all it's very own.

Yes, things that are wet can be quite the alien distraction.


What's cooking

Strange things occasionally happen in kitchen, things that drive the androids to pure confusion.

Strange things indeed.

You could even say peculiar.

Care for a strawberry?


These boots

There is something about ladies wearing boots that distracts the androids to no end.

When you combine boots with stockings it makes it even worse.

It makes no difference the color of the boots, or what they are made of, they tend to draw the eye.


Redheaded Monday

Are they about as welcome as redheaded step children?

But not all redheads are the real thing, just a color from a bottle.

While others can prove they are the real thing, those are the ones that are the most distracting to the androids.