These boots

There is something about ladies wearing boots that distracts the androids to no end.

When you combine boots with stockings it makes it even worse.

It makes no difference the color of the boots, or what they are made of, they tend to draw the eye.


Redheaded Monday

Are they about as welcome as redheaded step children?

But not all redheads are the real thing, just a color from a bottle.

While others can prove they are the real thing, those are the ones that are the most distracting to the androids.


Busy Friday

Friday's are always a bit on the busy side, and I have little time for a regular post, so I found a waterfall for you to enjoy. Have a nice weekend.



There's something particularly eye catching about stockings of all types.

It makes no difference what color or style they are.

They have a certain look that has a style all it's own.

We'll save corsets for another post, the androids are distracted enough for today.



The English translation of the title is "Ass Antlers".

The American term is "Tramp Stamp", but I think I like the German version better.

I'm not sure if there are nick names for tattoos on other body parts, and if I get the androids thinking about it they won't give a single thought to electric sheep.


Wild wild west

Sometimes known as life on the ranch.

I think I could handle living on a ranch.

Something tells me that the androids might get a tad distracted, which would prevent any sheep dreams.



These two wheeled vehicles are most definitely an android distraction, and they come in many shapes and sizes, like the low slung stretched out choppers.

To the cafe style racing bikes that can achieve dangerous speeds.

They also come in different bright shiny colors.

Soon the weather will be nice enough to go for a ride.


Busy Friday

I don't have time for a regular post, so here are some celebrity photos.

Shauna Sand, professional whore.

Liz Phair, singer/songwriter

Lindsay Lohan, carpet muncher.


Spring Fever

As spring approaches thoughts turn to the coming and for quality time spent away from the stress of the city and close to the water.

The beach does, however, have it's own android distractions that are sometimes difficult to avoid, some more so than others depending on what country the beach is in.

Because some areas have beaches that allow topless swimming, which is very distracting to the androids, who never give electric sheep a single thought when they visit that type of beach, but even worse are the ones that don't require any clothing at all.



The quality of clothing is deteriorating at a rapid pace, the stout woolens of yesteryear have been replaced with inferior synthetics.

Some of these fabrics are less than useless, you can see right through them, people would have to wear ten layers of them to keep from catching a cold.

And some of these garments are just poorly designed, why would anyone make a garment out of a net? What the hell do they expect to catch? Pondering these problems is taking up all of the android's time, and they have no time for anything else, in their opinion people wearing these clothes would be better off wearing nothing, it takes less time to put on.


Uniform Problems

When nurses wore uniforms like this, they never drew the attention of even a single android, none, nada, zip. It was a simpler time, free from modern complications, but like everything else things changed.

The uniforms started to get smaller, even though the selection and types of fabric continued to increase, the trend was inexplicable.

Yes, the mysterious shrinking uniform trend just kept going unabated, and the androids paid closer and closer attention to uniforms and never gave a thought to electric sheep, not a single thought.

If something isn't done to stop this trend, it is quite possible that the uniforms will disappear all together, and the androids won't get anything done, let alone dream of electric sheep.



Undersized swim wear is starting to be a serious problem in some parts of the world, and is causing the androids all sorts of fits that prevents their dreaming of electric sheep.

The other problem with undersized swim wear is that it has a tendency to just fall off without warning, causing awkward moments and completely distracting the androids. Something is just going to have to be done to correct this grave problem.



Now any contest that requires escorts for the contestant is bound to draw the Androids attention far from ever dreaming of Electric Sheep. You have to wonder what kind of contest it is, and what they are contesting, it makes the mind boggle, and the Androids have no chance to concentrate on other things. This problem is going to require some research, so I am off to work.


Now having people wallowing around in the mud can create quite the Android distraction, and keep his thoughts far from those of Electric Sheep. Hours can be spent speculating why people would want to spend any amount of time rolling around in the mud grappling with each.

Even more distracting is wallowing around in the mud sans clothing, trying to wrap your thoughts around explaining that could take days, or even weeks.


It's the maid's fault

If the maid did her job the androids wouldn't be busy doing it for them an have time to dream of electric sheep.


Now perhaps if sheep acted more like this the androids would be more inclined to dream of them, has anyone considered serious studies into this? Probably not,  like everything else I will have to do it myself.


Should I steal the A&E channel logo, and then sue them for stealing it from me in the first place? I think I should, it might prove to be a hoot.

It is a well done logo after all, even when you put it on an image of a plastic skank like Pam Anderson. 


To the ultimate quest of answering the eternal question that has been bothering mankind for years. 

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Damn you Phillip K. Dick for starting this quest and never answering it, I blame you.